Forgotten Days

When life is fast, the first thing you do is quit the things that you want to improve on. I think that is a general principle that everyone can agree with. With me, that would be writing. I have been so bad at recording my life lately. I have had a hell of a time in the last few weeks too… I was in Mexico, Miami, and Connecticut, an insane little adventure to say the least. It was nothing like my “trip of a lifetime” adventure but still one to note.

I suppose when I do these trips now, I do not think much of them but when I am 40 with a wife and kids, it will be different. Who was dad, and why did he travel to all these countries? Where are the photos dad, I want to see them!

Ill just have a bunch tales to tell, I suppose, and the kids will have no choice but to believe them. That is why I write, it is to write the most authentic form of a story possible. Pictures often get distorted, and studies show that our stories get manipulated as time does on. For instance, if you show an adult a picture from when they were a child, you’ll often create stories around them that have a high probability of falsehood. Our brain is a complicated creature and that is why it is really important to write down “the now.”

I do this to avoid manipulation, I want the best story I can possible tell. A story that tells the true sequence of events. Pictures may tell you a lot but when you have been as many places as I have, it is to hard differentiate between them.

For instance, I used to visit a friend in Philadelphia periodically and I never wrote any of the stories down. Now I cant recall what weekends were what. We visited so many times I cant recall the sequence of events anymore. Which time did we watch Lebron play against the 76ers, which weekend did Brendo almost rip off his nipple, when did I get the best Phili cheese streak of my life, I don’t know. It is all mushed into one trip.

This will happen as time goes on, people will ask me about all my trips and will have only slight strands of each story in my brain. Yes, I did almost die in Mexico, which trip…. I don’t know, one of them. I mean, at what point does life become to normalized to write about?

I had an insane weekend. On Sunday, I went riding at Mayhem gulch Ranch, I got my first experience of what it is like to bomb down a mountain with a bike that is worth more than most of the cars I have bought.

After coming back from my adventure, I was so out of shape that I had to walk the bike multiple times. At one point, I thought I was never going to get my breath back. Once I got to the top though, I bombed down this trail that had 2 foot drops every few meters. It was insane, and dangerous. I got too excited and actually got my first trail scars… I was ripping down some sandy throughway and lost my edge. I tumbled a bit, leaving scares on my knee and shoulder. First fall on that bike…. love a good first…

I went on down a trail that said “one way,” you dont see that in Connecticut. This trail was serious though, but the bike took it like a man, literally drop after drop. I was too inexperienced to be on that trail system and actually ended up popping a tire. It was totally worth it though. Someone helped my unprepared ass change the tire. I ended up taking it easy on the way back.

I went home and ended up connecting with some old friends from Connecticut. We went tubbing down in Golden. It was cool, I told them about some cool spots while we had dinner.

The next day, I had breakfast with Maria. We had pancakes… and I came to the realization that I need a cappuccino maker. Yes, I want to buy the $800 cappuccino maker that my brother has, it is the right move. If you are going to drink coffee, do it right. I dream about the fucking thing. Maybe I will buy a used one. Anyway, we went to the a college where I am taking some classes and submitted my Amazon voucher! That is right, Amazon is paying me to go to school. This guy just got a $3000 dollar a year bonus!!!! I am taking two classes this semester.

We went for a hike afterwards. We stopped halfway through and took naps on our hammocks. Maria bought the same Hammack as me. It was a really chill day all said and done.

Peace out!

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